Akar | Elevating Tradition | Akar
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Akar | Elevating Tradition


akar | means roots in malay

akar is a journey, my journey through the sentimental moments of my travels, people who inspired me from present to past, the anticipation of what is to be enjoyed, devoured and feasted upon.


As a new generation of chef, having the ability to follow my memories, experiment with all that is familiar, gives me joy and comfort.


Simple ingredients, uncomplicated dishes, through my own unique perspective from my heart, from my home… Malaysia and travels.


– Bernie Lee


Counter service: most menu items are gluten-free, vegan-friendly. Online orders & custom catering service also available for home and office.


Full service: through relationships with the finest purveyors in St. Louis and beyond, our menu that changes with the seasons and lures you in with each dish. You’ll explore traditional cooking techniques influenced by all culture and regions. The wine and beverage programs intertwine the old and new for a seductive pairing with each menu.


akar’s intimate 12-seat dining room does accept reservations; patio seating is a first come, first served basis weather permitting.


Our professional team will make everything exceptional and ensure each visit is unique.



  • When Bernie Lee is cooking what he loves, you’ll love it too. We learned that by eating the Malaysian dishes at his now-shutt

  • Only a month after closing his downtown west restaurant Hiro Asian Kitchen, Bernie Lee debuted Akar in Clayton. Lee’s n